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  At Marie's Summer Table

Scrambled eggs can be simple, but it can also easily be enhanced by adding a few tasty and high-quality ingredients. Here is a simple recipe to make, which allows you to start the day well!


2 organic free-range eggs per person

Quality olive oil

15% country cream for cooking

Fleur de sel

Organic rocket (aragula)

Fresh pepper from Madagascar or Vietnam (it's much better!)

Cherry tomatoes, preferably organic

Baked and buttered baguette


1. Mix the eggs, cooking cream to taste (it can also be half cream, half milk), as well as the fleur de sel and fresh ground pepper.
2. After washing the cherry tomatoes (about 6 per person), place them in a bowl with olive oil (enough to cover the eggs at the end) and season with the fleur de sel and the fresh ground pepper. Heat the mixture in the microwave until heated through without letting the tomatoes soften.
3. Cook the eggs in a non-stick pan, stirring constantly, until the eggs are still a little runny.
4. Add the arugula (lots of it, it's good!) To the still runny eggs and stir for a few seconds. The arugula will absorb the excess juice.
5. Serve by adding the hot but still firm tomatoes over the eggs, drizzle with the hot olive oil from the tomatoes.

Serve with buttered baguette bread.

Enjoy your meal !