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The exhibition The Call of Northern Landscapes and Indigenous Cultures dedicated to Jean Paul Riopelle, which is currently underway at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, is definitely worth the trip! Riopelle is a major figure in Canadian, Quebec and international art, and this exhibit explores his fascination for the northern regions and North American Indigenous communities.

We are particularly attached to this exhibition at Maison Marie Saint Pierre since there is a section dedicated to Marie and her family, including unpublished works and video material. Indeed, the history between the two families dates back to several decades ago when Champlain Charest, Marie Saint Pierre's father, and the painter became friends in adolescence. The photoshoot of the House's most recent collection, Spring 2021, was taken in the painter's former studio, thus serving as a canvas to magnify Marie Saint Pierre's creations. A highly inspiring place filled with Marie's memories of long discussions, creative emancipation, and artistic development. The eccentric character of the artist and his admiration for the women of character, who surrounded him at the time, is reflected in the codes of our Printemps 2021 collection.

The exhibition is in effect until September 12, 2021
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