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 Summer program by MSP / The Fashion + Design Festival

The Fashion + Design Festival is a cultural event that brings together designers from the Montreal scene, major retailers, emerging designers and sometimes even, in a pandemic-free context, international guests. For this 21st edition, the Festival is back in force with a new image and a transformed, more colorful and diverse identity. The event is not only aimed at experts in the fashion industry, but also to those from other cultural spheres, such as dance and music and art. Maison Marie Saint Pierre has often been involved in the Fashion + Design Festival in the past years since we believe in its mission which is to value and promote the know-how of local designers. This year, the Fashion + Design Festival is accessible again to the public. It is also taking a digital form and invites its participants to follow some of the discussions and lectures from the comfort of their living room.


The event will take place from August 17 to 22. Save the date!

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