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Suggesting TV series

The holiday break is fast approaching, and so is the time to plan for it. Last week, we brought you a series of enriching reads that have left their mark on Marie and her team. This week, we're back with our must-see series.

1. Maid
This heartbreaking miniseries is based on Stephanie Land's memoir Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive, which became a New York Times bestselling book. As a young mother at the time, Stephanie (Alex in the series) escaped an abusive relationship and, to support her 3-year-old daughter, became a housekeeper. "A drama that is not always easy to watch, but undeniably powerful, grounded by an outstanding performance by Margaret Qualley," reads Rotten Tomato. The series is available on Netflix.

2. Scenes from a Marriage
From one drama to another, this Ingmar Bergman remake is a miniseries "that manages to depict people falling in and out of love repeatedly." Unlike the original 1973 version, it is the woman who has the promising career and the man who is primarily concerned with their offspring; a welcomed modern approach. Screening at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, the series is available on HBO.

3. The White Lotus
This drama-satire series exposes the class differences between travelers and employees at a Hawaii resort. "The point of the class satire is that it's built around the rotten core of class in America, and stories of social climbers have a rich history in American pop culture" reads The World New. Very contemporary in its dialogue and approach, the series has been acclaimed by critics and viewers alike. A second season, with another group of travelers in the same hotel, The White Lotus, is planned. Season 1 is available on HBO.

4. Succession
If you haven't gotten into it yet, it's time! This comedy-drama (3rd season in progress) centers on the Roy family, who are at the head of Waystar RoyCo, a global media and entertainment conglomerate. It follows the Roy's, a dysfunctional family, whose children fight among themselves to regain control of the family company as the patriarch (CEO of the company) considers his retirement. "Power, politics, money... it's all in the family in this provocative, funny series about a highly dysfunctional dynasty" - HBO. This series based on the Murdoch family is available on HBO / Crave.