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The Full tuck - Probably the most popular of tucks through generations, the full tuck is great to lengthen the legs and the silhouette. Simply start tucking your top starting from the front and slide your hands back to make sure all the fabric is nicely placed inside your pants or skirts. Simply finish by raising your arms to allow some extra fabric to loosen and for maximum comfort.

The One-Side tuck - Looking like you simply rolled out of bed in a fabulous casual manner is now possible thanks to the One-Side tuck. Unbutton the bottom of your shirt until you've reached the top of your waistband and tuck in the front side with the buttons only. Leave eveything else hanging confortably and your runway look is complete. During the cooler seasons, add a long jacket or trench on top to create dimension and movement.

The French tuck - Popularized by Tan France from the Netflix's show Queer Eye, the French tuck is the key to a relaxed and flattering look. Perfect for those oversize tops and shirts that can be styled with any type of jeans and pants. Start by tucking in only the front of your top and leave the back loose, it is that easy. If you do not want to much attention directed towards the tummy area, simply move the front French tuck to a side French tuck by tucking in the side of the shirt in only and letting the rest of it fall loosely at the front and back.


Do you have a few short dresses that you would love to wear all year round? Pair them with straight or flared pants during cooler seasons to elongate your silhouette and add a touch of class to your looks. Include booties with classic heels or in a contrasting color to complete the ensemble.

Do you have any sleeveless tops you want to include in your Fall/Winter wardrobe? Pair them with a long-sleeved top made from sheer and/or lightweight materials to add dimension to your ensemble and allow you to wear them at every occasion.

Do you want to wear more fitted clothes without compromising your comfort? Wear a thin base under your outfit to ensure a perfect fit, and/or add a more voluminous piece made of mesh over your outfit to slightly camouflage the silhouette and create an opacity contrast that will catch everyone's eye.