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 Know-how: archives

The idea of creating a space of more than 2000 sq. ft. reserved for more than 3500 archival pieces, organizing them and ensuring that the pieces are maintained in a controlled environment is certainly an important investment and commitment. It is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration and knowledge for all the teams that develop and produce the collections.

At the heart of all the history and DNA of the House, this visual library highlights and dates the different stages of the research that drives the House's work. The space is divided into two distinct sections, one for the chronologically classified collection archives, which recounts the brand's aesthetic journey, and the other for the production archives, which dissects the technical nature of each piece.
The visual that we present is a short story about the transformation of materials over time, the volumes that resist time and the evolution of the aesthetics of the house.


From organic creases invented for my first fashion show in Paris to the handmade pleats developed for the Bratz collection, among others.


Ancestor as a bonding technique (process of gluing materials), innovation at the heart of the first tests of transformation of the material and its fall made with interlining (whose use was reserved for interior reinforcement) passing through contrasting bonding to arrive at the technical bonding used today, the House is a pioneer of this method which is evolving to the threads of all the collections in research and development.


And finally how a figure changes over time.