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Rebecca Setareh

Rebecca Setareh studied at the Saint-Luc Institute of Fine Arts in Liege, Belgium. Her
very unique and graceful way of working with rocks and bronze together has earned her several international awards, including the prestigious first prize of Dr. Gandji, then Minister of Education of Iran, with her piece The Peacock, in 1978. Over the years, her? his work has been exhibited in many renowned galleries throughout California (Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Santa Barbara, etc.) but also as well as in Paris, New York and Costa Rica.

Her choice of medium attempts to denounce society's tendency to categorize and label, which often translates into segregation in the end. The smooth, flowing lines of her bronze sculptures mixed with the raw, unrefined rock could create a stark contrast side by side; instead, it is the opposite effect.

With each piece, Rebecca strives to capture a figurative moment in time that communicates the burden of the human condition, sometimes drawing inspiration from
several turning points in her own life. Beautifully, Rebecca creates from inherently contrasting materials in a creative process that represents the struggle of life itself. "In searching for the rock that will match the body," she says, "it becomes clear that the man-made world and nature work very well together to create unity."