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Ode to linen, an eco-friendly material

Little used in the past for some reason, it has nevertheless appeared in the material mix of the Spring22 collection as one of the stars. Mixed with the more technical materials and craftsmanship of the House, linen reflects this desire to anchor us in a renewed future. There is certainly its crumpled or even neglected look that we love, but also especially its properties. Compared to cotton, linen requires very little water to manufacture its fiber, in addition to emitting a quarter of the carbon emissions per pound. This week (Earth Day), this year and this decade more than ever, these kinds of choices are important. Linen also brings that much needed lightness to the warmer, more humid days. Inspired by all of these reasons, for Spring22, linen came in shirt dresses, tops, pants and even padded down jackets, as well as being used in touches at the hems and even in contrasting sleeves.

See the selection of linen pieces from the Spring22 collection.