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To The Academy


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It is an honour for me today to become the first fashion designer inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. In doing so, I have the privilege of joining the ranks of close to 800 artists and designers who have been recognized for their achievement of excellence and innovation since the founding of the organization in 1880.

With their hands, their pens, the tip of their brushes or from behind their lenses, these men and women have helped define who we are as a society. Their works bear witness to the past, celebrate or protest a reality, and boldly imagine the future. As agents of change, artists are unifiers on the home front and often become our best ambassadors abroad. They speak the peaceful, universal language that is creativity.

If the most enthralling art forms are those who are thought-provoking, question the established order, and testify to the challenges of their time, then fashion takes its rightful place among them. In the same manner as painting, sculpture, and poetry, fashion stirs, debates and pushes forward the very society it reflects. Materials and craftsmanship become the architects of a powerful message. When it helps raise the voices of those wearing the garment, fashion becomes art.

Beyond being a tribute to my career, I hope that this nomination also serves as an opportunity to multiply meetings of creative minds and contributes to the recognition of the truly fascinating profession that is fashion designer.