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To our future ambassadors

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On a night dedicated to recognizing the efforts and talents of fashion’s next generation, I am happy to share these thoughts.

Dear students—thirty years ago, I was right where you are. Literally. I was completing my course in fashion design at LaSalle College and had been awarded a bursary from the Fondation de la Mode de Montréal. What awaits you is incredibly exciting and formative! Take advantage of the years when resourcefulness fuels creativity, unforeseen events become opportunities, and lifelong bonds develop. These moments will define you more than any recognition ever could.

The industry gathers tonight to highlight the new generation in their accomplishments and in what’s to come. From this, we remember the importance of collaborating. It is when key players get involved in creating the right synergy that Montreal fashion finds its voice and is heard. Throughout my career, I have made it a personal goal to initiate a collective effort. The Conseil des créateurs de mode du Québec and the Cabinet Éphémère are only a few examples attesting to my involvement in this collectivity. I believe an individual’s talent is amplified by the encounter of fellow artists.

Collaborate with your peers, but allow yourself to break free from the mould. Let fashion intersect with music, dance, visual arts, sports, and even gastronomy! In my case, these projects have amounted to incredible encounters. I’ve designed costumes for the International tour of a symphony orchestra, conceptualized decors for avant-garde hotel rooms, and offered my dresses as canvases for limited-edition creations. Above all, these moments will allow you to approach your practice from a different perspective.

You are the future of the fashion industry and there will be no shortage of challenges in the years to come, whether environmental, social, cultural, or economic. Meet these challenges with authenticity. True change is not a marketing ploy. It’s found in the respect you’ll have for your colleagues and team, in the quality and durability of the products you’ll create, and your choosing to reduce your environmental footprint, even in ways the public will not see. Ethical fashion wasn’t really a “trend” when I first decided to let those values guide my craft.

For some of you, the next step will involve studying abroad. Foreign surroundings become a source of inspiration and the unknown gives courage. My designs are greatly influenced by the theme of movement and travel.

And when you find yourself on the opposite side of the world, be proud of your Montreal anchoring. We’re proud to count you amongst our ambassadors.

I look forward to witnessing your success.

Marie Saint Pierre