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Maison Marie Saint Pierre will launch its first-ever Pop-up shop in SoHo, New York City this fall from September 30th – October 30th in celebration of 30 years. Following the opening of a flagship store in Wynwood, Miami in 2015, the pop-up shop further establishes the brand’s presence into the US market.

A collective space with a distinctive point of view: the brand partnered with Zvelle footwear, Lampi Lampa sculptural lamps, OOB Magazine and artist Fran Lamothe who will also feature their latest creations in the space. Partners with a complimentary aesthetic and vision are joining the project to create a unique synergy.

Located in SoHo, the 4,000 square foot space at 70 Wooster Street, offers a unique environment to feature the brand’s FW17 and Atelier collections. Stone becomes the perfect canvas for Marie Saint Pierre’s creations, further exploring a ruling theme for the brand: an elegant tension and artful contradiction.

Recognized for unique design, constant innovation in fabric and assemblage techniques as well as for impeccable craftsmanship, today, the designer looks to the future:

Most companies have trouble finding something creative to say, and at Marie Saint Pierre, it’s quite the opposite. We were able to develop an identity not only with our designs, but with the way our clothes feel, leaving a real lasting impression. This is what we aim to do in New York, collectively.  

Marie Saint Pierre.