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Marie Saint Pierre at the International Festival of Films on Art

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The international premiere of the “Revealing Marie Saint Pierre” documentary will be held this coming March 12th as part of the International Festival of Film on art. This 38-minute exclusive look into the Quebec fashion designer's universe is the work of producer and director Janice Zolf.

Art as the common thread between Marie Saint Pierre's life and career is the angle that Janice Zolf chose to follow in her documentary. In addition to exploring the influence of painting, sculpture, and architecture on Marie Saint Pierre’s work, the film elaborates on the powerful bond between her and artist Jean-Paul Riopelle. As a close friend of the family, the famous painter showed a young Marie how to look at her surroundings and see the world in a new light. "He taught me to look at things from different perspectives," Marie Saint Pierre explains in the documentary.

This anchor point for Marie Saint Pierre in the art world caught Janice Zolf’s attention a long time ago, as she herself was beginning her career as a television film reporter. “Her garments really stood out on the runway," Janice Zolf remembers. "I knew I was witnessing the emergence of a great artist. Over the last 25 years, I’ve watched her evolve and I could see the film taking shape in my mind."

The documentary is both a voyage back in time and a freeze frame of Marie Saint Pierre’s process during the creation of a collection. The audience gains as much access to the designer’s holiday home where she spent her childhood as it does to her bustling Chabanel studio where the operations take place. The testimonies are aplenty – from her father and her sister, from friends, collaborators, and artists. Their insight into the woman behind the brand intertwine together to paint the picture of a visionary, ambitious, and involved Marie Saint Pierre. 

Revealing Marie Saint Pierre