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MSP X OM: a musical style


Modernity in classical music. That’s the concept behind the collaboration of luxury brand Maison Marie Saint Pierre and the Orchestre Métropolitain. For their first European tour, the musicians conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin wear exclusive creations by the Montreal designer.

The Maison’s signature can be recognized in the purity of the lines, like a musical score, and the sophistication of the materials. Organza notes harmonize with high-quality double jersey to defy tradition. The watchword: performance. Visual, musical, physical. The new uniforms have been designed as much to catch the eye of the audience as to support the musicians in their movements. On stage, the creations are their allies. They must give momentum and flow with the rhythm.

“I’ve always been inspired by the movement of the body in my creations,” says Marie Saint Pierre. “For this collaboration, I’m also tapping into the movement in music! A sound has a texture, fluidity and density in the same way as the fabrics that I use to create my collections. A melody can evoke a silhouette. Being a classical music enthusiast myself, it was a real pleasure to work on the project. Besides, it’s a great honour for me to contribute to raising the profile of Montreal’s talent on the international stage. Travels nourish my work as much as the arts. For that reason, designing for touring musicians is an assignment that speaks to me.”

This special collaboration is part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, founded in Montreal in 1987.