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Sleeves with character

Movement and flexibility have always been key values for the Maison Marie Saint Pierre. The Spring 2022 collection is no exception, especially when it comes to the volumes of the season. This season, a particular emphasis was placed on sleeves and armholes. Of course, season being, short sleeves have carved out a nice place in the mix. Often fitted to the body, this season they are treated in block color and / or contrasting material with predominance of linen. The long sleeves, on the other hand, appeared either fitted on more fluid silhouettes, or with volumes on silhouettes closer to the body. Moreover, depending on the material in which the sleeves were cut, the result differs greatly! For example, in scuba they are structured while in linen they are puffy and light, even when they are the same volume. Some sleeves are also present in tops and down jackets. As for those of the structured jackets and some dresses, we find square sleeves that give a lot of character to the pieces in question. Finally, the highlight of the show is undoubtedly the large and voluminous sleeve found on the short and tight bomber in Tasneem linen... A favorite piece of many of our team members!