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Tribute series/ Lorena Garcia

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Lorena Garcia pursued a career in law after completing her studies there, until the appeal of cooking took hold. It was very young that she tasted the joys of cooking, when she participated in the preparation of meals at many family gatherings. The Chef also regularly grants her success to this period of her life. After studying at the Ritz Carlton in Paris and developing her style working abroad (especially in Asia), Garcia opened her first restaurant in Miami's Design District. There followed a series of openings at US airports, including Miami's. Her most recent project, Chica, is located inside the luxurious Venetian Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas. To date, she is the only Latin chef to operate on this legendary boulevard. Her cuisine, which is inspired by her Latin origins but also by her experiences in Asia, is a healthy cuisine. Young, she was exposed to the scourge of childhood obesity, and made it her mission to remedy it in her own way. Now, through her non-profit organization: Big Chef, Little Chef, she encourages children to prioritize healthy eating from an early age. She's also teaming up with fast food chains like Taco Bell to rework their menu and offer a healthier alternative.

Chef and entrepreneur Lorena Garcia represents in every way the type of women that inspires us at Marie Saint Pierre. If only by establishing itself in a more typically masculine environment or by supporting important causes such as the fight against childhood obesity. If we had the privilege of dressing Chef Garcia, here is the silhouette we would offer her.

Maison Marie Saint Pierre
Maison Marie Saint Pierre

Photo montage of Lorena Garcia wearing a Cruise2019 "Encantada" dress.