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Tribute series/ Jane Fonda

Looking at Jane Fonda's track record, you might think she's had several lives. And with good reason. The American actress wears many hats: actress, of course, but also producer, writer, model (she's appeared twice on the cover of American Vogue!), fitness expert, and social activist. Daughter of actor Henry Fonda, she did everything to emancipate herself from her father's shadow and forge her own path. And she succeeded. She became independent from a very young age thanks to modeling, which allowed her, among other things, to finance her acting lessons. She made her debut as an actress on Broadway in 1960, a passage which would later open for her the doors to the big screen. Among her great filmography, the films Klute and Coming Home are particularly important as her performances won her two Oscars for Best Actress. Jane Fonda is also recognized for her famous fitness videos, which have sold more than 17 million copies worldwide since their first appearance. Innovative and committed to social causes, the actress has also fought for women's rights for years through her participation in the founding of the Women's Media Center, an organization which allows women's voices to be heard and their titles in high-ranking positions to be recognized. The octogenarian doesn't stop there; she is also an activist for the environmental cause and participates in numerous rallies, in addition to promoting an eco-responsible lifestyle.

Maison Marie Saint Pierre recognizes its essence in the way Jane Fonda asserts herself, defends her ideas, and advocates eco-responsibility. The Maison also sees in the actress important character traits such as a visionary side, motivated independence, and leadership in what appeals to the cause of women ... which has earned her this tribute today!

Alys Robi
Maison Marie Saint Pierre

The Maison’s team were fond of imagining in which Marie Saint Pierre creation the actress Jane Fonda would shine if they had the honor to dress her. The choice fell on a flamboyant jacket from our Atelier Winter 2017 collection.

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