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Tribute series/ Greta Thunberg

Being one of Time's 100 Most Influential People and one of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women; become the youngest holder of the Time Personality of the Year award; win two consecutive nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize (2019 and 2020); only a few young adults can claim to have such an impressive track record at only 18 years old. Yet this is the case for Greta Thunberg, whose voice has risen far beyond her native Sweden. In just a few short years, the young activist has gone from convincing her parents to adopt several lifestyle choices to reduce their own carbon footprint, to receiving hearings with the United Nations Secretary-General, presidents and even the Pope. In addition to inspiring millions of people to take measures in the name of the planet we share, a cause which is also a mission close to the heart of Maison Marie Saint Pierre. "Meaningful change rarely happens without the galvanizing force of influential individuals, and in 2019, the earth’s existential crisis found one in Greta Thunberg. Marshaling “Fridays for Future” protests throughout Europe; thundering, “How dare you!” at the world’s most powerful leaders in her viral U.N. speech; leading some 7 million climate strikers across the world in September, Thunberg has become the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet”, we could read in the pages of Time magazine. Although the fight against climate change is far from over, more than 60 countries have recently pledged to have a net zero carbon footprint by 2050 following what the international press described as the "Greta Effect".

At Maison Marie Saint Pierre, ecology is at the heart of our practices and decisions. In fact, it has been sewn into our designs for over 35 years. This is reflected in particular in the making of sustainable pieces that span generations, the choice of our eco-responsible materials, timelessness in our design, and 360-degree production made in a local area which significantly reduces transport. What unites us with Greta is the will to persevere in this mission in which we believe, even if it seems to be the most difficult road. To pay homage to her, we liked to imagine which Marie Saint Pierre piece would bear the name Greta. The choice fell on this printed piece from the Cruise19 collection.

Maison Marie Saint Pierre
Maison Marie Saint Pierre

Photo montage of Greta Thunberg wearing a printed dress from the Cruise19 collection.