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Tribute series/ Clara Hughes

It was Clara Hughes who had the honor of carrying the Canadian flag "home" at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, an honor well deserved by the athlete from Manitoba. Hughes, now 48 years old, has competed in no less than six Olympic Games in two different disciplines, cycling and speed skating, which is a feat in itself! Among her long list of awards accumulated during her career, she has notably six Olympic medals; two bronze in cycling and four medals in skating, including one silver, and one gold won in Turin in 2006. She is the only athlete in the world to have won multiple medals in both summer and winter Olympic Games, as well as being amongst the most decorated Canadian athletes of all time. Her brilliant career actually brought her to become an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2007, an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Manitoba, in addition to winning the “Sport and Community” award from the International Olympic Committee.
Now a published author, Clara Hughes has also served as the national spokesperson for the Let's Talk organization by the Bell company, to open a discussion and end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

At Marie Saint Pierre, we salute the courage of this young woman who comes from a heterogeneous background and has succeeded in becoming a model of perseverance and discipline. Just subscribe to her Instagram account where she takes us on long hikes that make us wish we were there with her. These inspiring and generous images that she shares with her audience are the story of her humanitarian quest and an exemplary journey. At the center of our common quest, movement. "Movement is medicine."

Maison Marie Saint Pierre
Maison Marie Saint Pierre

As we have the honor to dress Clara Hughes, here are some of the outfits from Maison Marie Saint Pierre that fit her to perfection.