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Tribute series/ Alys Robi

Alys Robi is without a doubt an emblematic figure of music in the Quebec province; she was our very first internationally renowned star. It was only at the age of four that her musical career began. Soon, she perfected the art and her versatility by taking singing, dancing, diction, and even tap dance lessons. At twelve years old, she left Quebec city, her hometown, to conquer the Montreal public. Fluent in four languages, she translates most of the covers she records herself. While her career takes an international boom, everything will come to an abrupt end when she barely turns 24 years old ... Completely demolished by the system and under the control of her father, she ends up at a mental institute where they used lobotomization on her, a practice of the time that is completely prohibited today. After her career was interrupted for a long while, it is 25 years later that Alys Robi makes her comeback on stage! Among other things, she performs regularly in several nightclubs and becomes a real icon for the LGBTQIA+ community. A film dedicated to her life, My Life in Cinemascope, attests to her exceptional journey which paved the way for many other artists, including Celine Dion.

With her big comeback, Alys Robi was able to prove that her voice could live through generations; that it was truly timeless. A determined and committed feminist, the internationally renowned singer has dedicated part of her life to defending people with mental illnesses following her own internment. Alys Robi is a fighter; her accomplishments, her strength of character, her artistic versatility and her perseverance are just some of the aspects that Maison Marie Saint Pierre identifies with.

Alys Robi
Maison Marie Saint Pierre

The Maison team liked to imagine in which room Marie Saint Pierre the singer Alys Robi would have shone if we had had the honor to dress her. The choice fell on an archival piece, a dress from the Spring-Summer 2011 collection.