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Written to Last

Posted in : Explore on by : AnaÏs Jane Tsang Comments:

At a time when we send abbreviated emails and love through text messages, taking up a pen to write a letter has quite the ceremonious feel. On this very rare occasion, we give ourselves the time to do things right. The right choice of card, the right words, and the right phrasing to express what really matters. Before putting pen to paper, we will most likely write a rough draft to work on until our thoughts are clear. We’ll then put our best calligraphy forward and give our words the once-over before sealing the envelope.

These handwritten missives are few and far between, which may be what makes them so special. They are not simple, informative messages received through the mail. These correspondences have the aura of a precious object, crafted exclusively for us. As proof of their symbolic value, they will became archive pieces we’ll hold on to with care.

As the saying ‘writing stays’ goes, Marie Saint Pierre garments are made to last. Their creation is deliberate, down to its most minute details, and is reworked until it perfectly embodies the original idea. In the age of fast fashion, is time not the most luxurious component of a dress? Yes, the time it takes to create it, but also the time it takes to carefully choose it and to wear it again and again, all until it becomes part of our history.

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