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With ruse

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Volume 1: Mythical
Chapter 4: With ruse

The intrigue develops on an asymmetrical chessboard with squares of light and shadow. Mystery enfolds, dense and opaque. Here and there, hints of clues are offered with ruse—like dimmed transparency. The intentions behind the story are tactically delivered, without revealing all to the beholder. 

Maintaining tension in such a way, be it in a novel, in life or in a glance, is an art form. It only takes a thin strip of mesh on a garment to create the illusion of suspension. Is the picture true or is it a trompe l’œil? How to explain such improbable balance? 

We delight in the bewilderment knowing that letting doubt linger is very much part of the game. And it is when we least except it that a new space opens onto unchartered territory. It’s our turn to play.

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