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Botanical Architecture/ This homage is repeated in the intricate detailing of the collection. Panels reminiscent of ferns and foliage adorn collars and cuffs. Plastrons, epaulettes, ruffles, gems... mutedly placed tone on tone or conspicuously applied in contrasting, oversized formats. Topstitching recalls botanical veins, like elevations depicted in a plant atlas, a magnificent mapping of landscapes you’d gladly lose yourself in. Shades of green in light and shadows. Theory and poetry in a single bouquet.

Volume of Blooms/ The silhouettes’ lines, some sharp, some vague, are also a hymn to nature. Some of the fluted drapes recall the softness of a corolla just before it blooms. There’s something instinctive about the volumes, as if they were turning towards a light source to better absorb it, or clinging to surprising surfaces and angles, like ivy. Everything is light, even the more dense and opaque fabrics. Dresses and vests are like wearable whispers.

Herbarium/ This garden produces two botanical prints. The first suggests a sheaf of flowers blown down by the breeze. Refusing to be swept up, however, they choose to propagate, like rebel fuchsia dots on an infinite canvas of grass and moss. The second has a slightly encyclopedic tilt, with its black on white drawings.

Stepping into the fog/ It looks like an x-ray trying to decode the secret of plant structure in order to draw ever more inspiration from its minutia and precision. The work of thousands of springtimes, captured by x-rays.

Phosphorescence/ The season’s palette is made up of refreshing contradictions. A sandy beige veiled in a foggy grey is placed alongside saturated pigments of cobalt blue and neon pink. Two shades of green alternate: one is fir, the other is mint. And the classics remain: blossom, chantilly, pewter. This is not about developing hues – this is about clashing colours.