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The rustle of the bells

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A rounded silhouette is born from a flat fold executed with a right angle. Impossible origami bubble, a splendid contradiction of straight lines and curved volumes. Bell-shaped skirts and dresses are balanced with movement, with the rustle of taffeta as a jingle. Suspended around the body, they dress both the woman and the space around her. 

These evening outfits are of a dramatic minimalism with deep accents. Their refined architecture, as if free-handedly drawn, is entirely dependent on the choice of the material. Both light and structured, they’re sculpted to ignore gravity. As accessories, endless pieces of fabric are tied around the neck and waist in oversized bows, or used as a train, like a tonal stole. 

Power and delicacy. It’s a vision of elegance that strikes, the time of an evening, then resonates for a long time in people’s minds.