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The essence of beauty

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“My perfumes necessarily reflect my creations and my lifestyle, urban and structured, but also charged of a fullness brought by nature to everyone.”

-Marie Saint Pierre


To begin her foray into the rarefied world of perfume, Marie Saint Pierre chose artisans that share her values and references to beautiful materials whose vulnerability joined with timelessness, her credo. Both fragrances were created in the purest French tradition with only the finest essences.

Eager as always to keep awake her inspiration while respecting authenticity, Marie Saint Pierre was inspired by Quebec’s nature and its wide range of odors. She also explained to the perfumer its profound identity, its wealth and the inspiration behind her original materials.

“A perfume is an appreciation of life, of what we like to feel and live. I wanted to recreate a part of my childhood memories, when I was camping, climbing in Sainte- Marguerite-du- Lac -Masson, of my long trips by plane with my father, of all that allowed me to embrace nature at a glance.”

- Marie Saint Pierre


Thus, we find in the essence the warmth of wood, the silky soft down of fur and nature’s ever astonishing richness, as sap rises in Québec’s maple trees in the early spring. The cedar and birch bark recall the deep forests; the leather and the musk resurrect the olfactory memory of elk, bears and wolves, like a breath of freedom in modern life. Of course, the end of winter, celebrated by all, is present with the use of an innovative accord “sap” and bunches of beautiful white flowers that adorn the countryside like revenge after the harsh winter.

Both fragrances gently evolve over time through materials that speak to you and envelop you with emotions.

Perfumes have no name, only letters, carefully selected: B for Bois (Wood) and C for Cuir (Leather). Anonymity of the hidden words behind the choice of lettering helps unleash the imagination. Thus each appropriates the fragrance as a part of their personality.