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Apparel is often a matter of location. Fashion weeks bear the names of cities, a fabric’s country of origin can attest to its quality, and the infamous « made in » tag has gained an almost diplomatic aura. This reflects the importance of territory in the design and production processes of what we wear. In terms of history, culture, and traditions, yes, but, without doubt and in a more profound way, also in terms of rigours of climate, stretches of open spaces, and richness of nature.

Maison Marie Saint Pierre is one of the luxury brands most exposed to weather extremes. From snowstorms in January that paralyze daily life to July’s suffocating heatwaves, one must know how to offer gorgeous designs without compromising on comfort. This ball gown may be worn when the temperate is -30° C. Someone may need to don this jacket as the heat radiates from the concrete. To live by the rhythm of four real seasons is the privilege of few designers. Where many would see restrictions, Marie Saint Pierre finds opportunities to innovate.

In a similar fashion, the territory’s vastness and relief subconsciously register themselves into the brand’s ADN. One of the world’s most important rivers flows through Montreal, and travelling a few kilometres out of the city is all it takes to find ourselves surrounded by mountains, lakes, and various rivers. Whether we simply choose to admire them or dare to venture out and explore them, these landscapes are part of daily life. Being in an easy and straightforward contact with the elements breathes in an urge for authenticity and a need to get back to basics which are manifested in the clean lines and the technical properties of Marie Saint Pierre’s garments.

This environment is home to a great variety of fauna and flora, sources of endless inspiration. The allusion can be straightforward, like a floral motif printed onto a fabric or a handbag covered in feathers. But often, the reference is more instinctive than deliberate. It’s found in the volumes, silhouettes, materials, and colours which borrow from nature the most astonishing and most beautiful of what it singlehandedly creates. This proximity to fauna and flora is certainly no stranger to the environmental concerns guiding the company’s practices.

If Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s garments are a reflection of the location in which they were designed, they are, however, far from being confined within it. More than ever, they travel and dress women, and more recently men, from all across the globe. Thus, they act as ambassadors for their territories of origin.