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Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s Cruise 2020 Collection leads the way to open seas, skies and minds, all yours to explore. Boarding has begun. Your instructions are clear. Get ready for take off.

MASCULINE ET FEMININE INTERTWINE/ A Prince of Wales check pattern pairing classic style with neon accents also serves as one of the collection’s main fabrics, adding a masculine touch to the ensemble. Its traditional character is in sharp contrast with the Maison’s signature technically developed mediums, such as Fine Scuba, TechnoJersey and Double Jersey.

ELEGANCE ET ATHLETICISM/ Multiple contradictions dictate the volumes and details of these silhouettes. Authoritarian-looking wide lapels with sharp angles meet more poetically inclined oversized pleats. Yet, they share a supple and lightweight feel, as everything is geared to the body’s movement, both in form and through space.

MONOGRAMMED/ The collection’s materials are rich with symbolism, beginning with a new monogrammed MSP jacquard weave. Whether in medium or overstated sizes, the initials instantly convey the entire feel of the brand. Three letters that tell a story, reveal an artistic endeavour, offer a unique perspective.

EXPLORATION/ A chance to veer off the daily course. Follow the bright-coloured detour signs all the way out to escape. Signage guides us – up to a dock, on to a tarmac, in to a station. The iconic semantics of ramps and runways will lead you to the departure gate. ‘Straight ahead’ is the clear indication from efficient symbols and lines. The message they convey is simple and elementary; it becomes your own beacon.

STRUCTURES ET VOLUMES/ Function influences creation without impeding it. The sleeves are meticulously detailed, either looking as if blown into bell shapes, or embellished with undulating strips along the arms. On the shoulders, contrasting yokes are used as adornments, exposing the piece’s construction. Even the more minimalistic styles are complex in how the materials are amalgamated.