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Techno Velvet

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It’s a velvet with a noble appearance, but a light spirit. From a somber black, and dazzling sheen, it evokes the aesthetic heritage of luxury. Its featherweight, however, taunts traditions, revealing the draperies’ precious technicity. Even barely resting on one’s hips or shoulder, the garment floats. As if suspended around the body, it traces unexpected volumes through space.
This techno velvet, both opaque and ethereal, hugs the body’s silhouette in epic elegance. Inspired by the dramatic attitude of capes from another era combined with the science of today’s fabrics. The myth without the nostalgia. The result renders a skirt, a jacket or a dress built for an occasion, slipped on without effort and worn with presence.
Mastering the art behind the classics is the starting point to reinventing them.


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