Sleepless night Marie Saint Pierre Spring 2017 Collection
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Sleepless night

Posted in : Explore on by : Philippe Benoit Comments:

Rhythms that demand we dance. Darkness illuminated by flashing lights. An ambiance we lose ourselves to.

We slip away while the party is still in full swing. Quickly. Better leave before the pallid lights turn on, as to not let the magic of the evening be impaired by reality. It must remain a perfect, indelible memory.

Outside, the sky appears increasingly brighter. Did we really stay up all night? The music, the vibe, the people…  We’ve lost all sense of time. What sweet madness to go out for just one drink and only come home at dawn!  

Fortunately, the outfit we had chosen was perfect for the occasion. A shade of black, both pearly and deep, that stands out even in the dark. Oversized gathers suggest celebration and asymmetrical lines give the illusion of movement even as we stand still. 

In truth, and without admitting it, we just may have hoped to deliciously lose our bearings the moment we first put it on.

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