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Sculpture or furniture? That is the question deliberately raised by the Habitat collection from Maison Marie Saint Pierre. As subjective as a work of art, everyone can see in it what they want. Even better if footstools’ playful curves and tables’ square corners spark a discussion amongst those who take a seat. A static object becomes an object of debate. The moment becomes experience.

Marie Saint Pierre designed her furniture so that it would challenge our points of reference. Visually, they disregard the known codes of furnishing. Lines and volumes surprise, while colours dare. Caribbean teal or deep-sea blue? Canary yellow or emperor red?

Sofas, pillows, and carpets come in materials both rich and tantamount to comfort. Sometimes in stretch velvet, sometimes in techno jersey, creations offer up unconventional textures. The result is always soft, round, inviting.

Remaining faithful to the assumed tensions and contradictions which characterize her brand, Marie Saint Pierre completes this geometric range with a few bent metal pieces. Their fine silhouettes appear to have been traced expertly by an architect. White or black, benches, consoles, and tables are sleek and minimalistic in design without ever seeming cold.

Much like her garments, Marie Saint Pierre furniture is made and meant for life. Their artistic dimension take nothing away from their functionality. Yes, they intrigue throughout a party, but they especially add character to the everyday.

Marie Saint Pierre meubles


Maison Marie Saint Pierre

Marie Saint Pierre Meubles