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Romantic Streak

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There is something quite sensual in the selection of a fabric. Do we want it to caress or embrace us? Envelop or reveal us? Should it be raw or sophisticated? The flavour of the month or here to stay? One can search long and hard for perfection, the right amalgam of inner and outer beauty, of simplicity and complexity, of heart and reason. However, this ideal exists only in our heads.

So why not create it ourselves? Indeed, this is precisely what Marie Saint Pierre has been doing for years - developing uncompromising and exclusive materials.

Even the most classic of fabrics, the ones of indisputable taste and quality, are reinvented. For 2016's Spring collection, Marie Saint Pierre revisits the ever so timeless tweed to render it both airy and flamboyant. With its rose accents and featherlight weight, it catches the eye and skims across the skin. All the better to seduce those with a romantic streak.

Bow Collar Tweed Dress

Pink Tweed Vest

Black and White Tweed Top


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