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 The unexpected catches the eye. Without provocation or a cry for attention.  A simple revelation, an emphasis on the unexpected, is what surprises us. 

A simple break in the garment. Highlighting what typically eludes the eye is the very thing which captivates. Hinting at a part of oneself, a surface area that is anything but superficial.

Skin is revealed from a different perspective. Necklines no longer have exclusivity over sensuality; the back and shoulders illicit shivers. 

Revealed by masterful die cuts, new areas vie for attention with grace and sensitivity. Every window grants access to a hidden arabesque—an arch, a curve, an angle—haloed with gathers to better pay tribute to its femininity.

Like an unfinished poem allowing us to fill in the blanks, creations from Cruise Collection 2018 are designed to be completed by the singular beauty of the women who wear them. 

Marie Saint Pierre collection