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Post Card

Posted in : Explore on by : AnaÏs Jane Tsang Comments:

The post card collection is inspired by landscapes which simply appear too good to be true. And yet they exist. The blue of Cyclades islands’s Greek domes, the chalky white of limewashed walls, the aqua camaieu of the Southern seas, seemingly stretching all the way to the sky… Such panoramas that images never quite do justice to are translated into garments by Marie Saint Pierre. And much like a letter sent while away and the few words transcribed on the back of a photograph, the designer gets to the heart of the matter, while being nothing short of exceptional.

A nod to sailors, Marie Saint Pierre focuses her keen eye on nautical stripes in order to reinvent them in her own way. Wide, Caribbean blue horizontal stripes are superimposed onto dresses and jackets to give them a subtle, Navy flair. Following a sailboat’s logic, where every component of the decor must be practical and useful, large geometrical pockets have been affixed to even the most sophisticated of garments. We slide our hands in for comfort, or our passport to travel light.

Light - Certainly a key word behind Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s 2017 Cruise collection. Black tulle, supple and fluid, gives an etheral feel to a considerable number of styles. Alone or layered, it creates texture and illuminates the material. Even the most opaque of fabrics appear to defy gravity. Originality is in the details. A pleat along the back of a neoprene dress is enough to create the illusion that it floats around the body.

The pieces are designed to be polyvalent and interchangeable. The same outfit allows to easily move between a museum’s conditioned air and the blazing heat of the Acropolis, the soothing shade of a terrace and a temperamental sea breeze. For evenings filled with festivities, Marie Saint Pierre adds a touch of gold to her collection via an innovating lurex. It can be worn from head to toe, in a trouser and a blouse. Akin to a champagne bubble, it can lend itself to an elegant black tunic, by means of a bow for a truly sparkling finish.

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