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To me. From me.

Posted in : Explore on by : AnaÏs Jane Tsang Comments:

November is here, with its below-zero temperatures so damp they chill to the bone and make everyone shiver more than February’s cold spells. Stripped of its boldly coloured leaves, nature looks dull as it awaits for snow to give it back its lustre. It’s a gloomy time, a muted season between summer’s lushness and winter’s panache.

To beat the fall blues, we make a pit stop at the flower shop on the way home from work. We linger in to create, one flower at a time, a bouquet we’ll give ourselves. Why not? Why must we always reserve for others those little nothings that brighten up the day? Oversized in its cellophane wrapping, the bouquet creates the pleasant illusion of a celebration

Next stop is the neighbourhood’s bakery. We treat ourselves the dessert we usually reserve for guests. While the clerk places it on lace-paper and ties a ribbon around the box, we breathe in the smell of warm baguettes. We’ll take one to eat along the way, breaking it with our fingers.

An icy drizzle fills the outside air. Umbrellas are not match for the suspended droplets all around. We dream of the hot bubble bath we’ll later slip into. We might even eat the cake in the tub, while listening to music and drinking a glass of bubbly.

When we get home, we put on our favorite dress to accompany this indulgences-filled evening. No one will see it, we’re not even leaving the house - We do it for our own pleasure. While we enjoy when others appreciate what we wear, don’t we dress for ourselves first?

For a brief moment, as we check out our our reflection in the mirror, we find ourselves loving November.



Geometric skirt with tapered surface. The circumference's hemline hovers around the legs.



Dramatically romantic, these black-on-black petals pay hommage to the complexity of human emotions.



To reveal one's own sensibility while surrounding one self with mystery, thanks to the Secret Garden frock.



With its trompe l'oeil details, this sleek frock hides an artist's mind up its sleeves. 

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