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Marie Saint Pierre for men

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The Montreal-based luxury house Marie Saint Pierre is launching its first capsule collection for men. The reveal took place on October 4, during the Cabinet Éphémère at Toronto’s Rally Ossington Gallery.

It is a bold project, with a somewhat symbolic scope. “People are not surprised to see men’s brands dressing women,” says Marie Saint Pierre. “Just think of Christian Dior or Yves Saint Laurent. And yet, the opposite is seen as impossible. Even I wondered if I should give this collection a different name. But then, I decided it was an opportunity to shake things up.”

After noticing that many men were adopting her more androgynous looks, Marie Saint Pierre decided to create something specifically for them. Brand regulars will recognize her trademark look right away. It uses the same materials, the same distinctive construction techniques, the same blend of elegance and comfort. The cuts and measurements, however, have been entirely reworked for the masculine form.

"To me, this is a boundary-free collection, a gender-neutral clothing line,” says the designer. “I would not be surprised to see my female customers adopt them, too!”

The collection contains around twenty pieces: pants, Bermuda shorts, jackets, fitted coats, sweaters, shirts and cardigans. They will be available from November 15 in store and on special order.

Marie Saint Pierre menswear

Marie Saint Pierre menswear