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Technological Luxury

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What is luxury? The subject has long been a source of debate amongst philosophers, researchers, journalists, and fashion industry professionals. Some will say that it’s a matter of price, others, of rarity. Traditionally, we think of the very elaborated ‘‘by hand’’, result of countless hours of work. Questions arise on its usefulness - isn’t luxury frivolous by definition?

Marie Saint Pierre takes the gamble to turn these perceptions around and to tap into the possibilities of reinventing luxury that technology offers. For the designer, reaching towards perfection rhymes with progress, not with nostalgia.

That is manifested right from the selection of materials. Nowadays, science enables the creation of splendid fabrics without compromising on comfort. Being presently invested in textile research and development, Marie Saint Pierre is at the forefront of innovation. New technical properties, breakthrough textures, unique colours… Every collection pushes the boundaries of the possible.

Technology also intervenes in the manufacturing of a garment, from its design to its assembly and its cut. Thanks to high-performance softwares, the artisans behind Maison Marie Saint Pierre have achieved an unwavering level of accuracy. Finishes are transformed. Inventive techniques make it possible to leave hems raw, much like a freehand cut, while still ensuring the garment’s durability.

This all gives access to unexpected volumes. Even the warmest and most enveloping of coats can appear to remain suspended around the body, as its featherlight weight barely skims the shoulders. There is no need for a thousand petticoats to defy gravity. We can now succeed in sustaining the movement of draped fabrics, even at rest. Such is the attainment of a purity of the lines and a simplicity in the manufacturing that only technicality allows.

While many attribute a certain fragility to luxury, Marie Saint Pierre sees in it an obligation to ensure viability. Resistance to wear, increased tenfold by technical breakthroughs, may not be a fundamental criterion of luxury… but isn’t there poetry in thinking that the most precious of things are those which will stand the test of times? The greatest luxury is not what we consume, but what lasts long enough to be handed down.