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Life in Red

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It’s a red so powerful that it dears contrast itself. Matte over glossy, gingham over monochrome. The nuances are multiplied by textures, offering bright shades ranging from poppy to cardinal, passing through ruby and the berries. This red is worn like a signal testifying to the confidence of the one who wears it. It has the authority of a color that has marked history with its symbolism, and the intensity of the impulses of passion associated to it.
In honor of Spring arriving or in affront to the cold hanging on, the red takes over the entirety of the wardrobe. In accent pieces or in monochrome sets, it fully assumes its warmth and luminosity. These are contagious and spread to your moods. When your clothes shine so bright, how can you not glow just as much?
To give character to the formal, you must sometimes see life in red.


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