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In charge

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Her head is held high with a rebellious glint brightening her eye. Her attitude shocks as much as it seduces. This woman is exactly where she wants to be, in charge that is. She didn’t get here by luck; a thirst for freedom leads her.

In charge of her life. She skillfully strikes a balance all of her own. A tailor-made amalgam of professional accomplishments, passions, and time spent on herself and on others. She finds aplomb and stability where some would feel disoriented. 

In charge of her emotions,but not in order to conceal them. She firmly believes that sensibility is a strength. Letting herself get swept up in a feeling may just bring about new creative momentum.

In charge of her style. She opts for garments that embody her audacity and allow her to express her personality without compromising on performance. She seamlessly weaves her way through the most formal of dress codes to assert her uniqueness.

Being in charge also means being better prepared to improvise should the occasion arises; transforming a simple dinner into a night of partying, traveling on a whim, jumping headfirst into an unexpected project.

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