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Head in the clouds

Posted in : Uncategorized on by : Maison Marie Saint Pierre Comments:

The snow has absorbed all of the colours in the landscape. Looking out the window, a sepia colour scheme is distinguished. Beautiful, but so cold. Head in the clouds, observing, dreaming of exotic destinations. 

And if we were to leave? Spontaneously, without any planification, only a carry-on. Imagining what to wear to escape somewhere closer to summer. A few pieces well thought out for escapism, supple dresses with sheer detailing to wear from dusk to dawn! Festive as they are practical. Hybrid clothing complicit to the scenery, allowing for improvisation and embracing the unexpected.   

Thinking about it is almost feeling a warm gust of wind on our skin revealed through a new summer attire. Surprised to believe that we can escape towards a new season, that the t-shirt dress we slipped on this morning without giving it much thought would lend itself so well to this journey. 

And what if we took a resolution to let ourselves be tempted?