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Graphic Identity

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It’s a garment in bold. A new typography free-handedly drawn in space. Both effective and artistic, its lines compose a message that invites audacity. Black ink on a white page. A cartesian poetry puffs the sleeves and makes the waists and collars pitch. The oversized volumes gives impetus to the silhouettes and character to the story.
Each piece is a signature: dresses with chiaroscuro asymmetries, a truncated jacket with contrasting panels, coats with flared shoulders. The minimalist, yet spectacular, nature of the outfits suggests that they could be worn for work just as much as they could be worn for a night out. You don’t need rhinestones to shine. Here, the brilliance is in the meeting of hues and materials. There is saturation of light.
Everything is of a disconcerting lightness. And yet, the impressing is indelible.


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