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Golden age

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Volume 1: Mythical
Chapter 1: Golden Age

It coats domes and steeples of secret sites. It decorates the edges of the most precious books. It embellishes statutes paying tribute to figures who have left a mark on history and human imagination. Inserted into idioms, it adds substantial weight to the other words used.

Beyond its function as an ornament and regardless of era or culture, gold assumes a powerful symbolism. While it originates from the depths of the earth, it is associated with the sun and the stars. Its purity captures the light and draws the gaze to what deserves to be admired. Its ubiquity is synonymous with opulence, but a single stroke of gold suffices to evoke the richness of the soul, the spirit, and the culture.

It reflects a hidden treasure, a concrete manifestation of an intangible perfection. When handed on the top step of the podium, it attests to the medallist’s superhuman nature. By adding a golden sheen to the collection’s technicality, Marie Saint Pierre reawakens the tension between performance and preciousness.

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