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Say It With Flowers

Posted in : Explore on by : AnaÏs Jane Tsang Comments:

While they brighten up our surroundings, it would be simplistic to view them as nothing more than ornaments. Flowers have their language which speaks as much volume about the person having picked them out as they do for whom they are intended. In a bouquet, we combine our own tastes with our vision of what will appeal to the receiver. They are hints of the bond that unites us. 

Flowers bring people together. We give them freshly-picked to the one whose hand we’re holding, or we have them delivered from far away as a reminder of our presence in spite of the distance. The gesture isn’t silent even if we buy them for ourselves!

As fragile as they might be, flowers are the reflection of powerful feelings that are often better expressed through corollas and colours rather than through words. Flowers say in the blink of an eye what we’re at risk of clumsily expressing. We give them to seduce, to comfort, to congratulate, and to apologize. They surprise people, make them blush, and sometimes even cry. 

That is the very essence of Marie Saint Pierre’s 2016-2017 Studio collection. It encapsulates the tension between flowers’ sensitivity and their symbolic strength. 

Floral dresses


 Jersey dress covered in tulle. A perfect canvas for climbing flowers.

Floral Dress


Tone on tone but oversized. Geometrical but adorned with flowers. A piece that amps up the contradictions.


Floral dress