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Is fashion an art form? Diehards of the museum world will answer no, due to fashion’s commercial dimension. Others will reply that rare garments, extremely detailed and grandiose, may be equal to a masterpiece. There are also those who recognize as art the staging and production of fashion through means of photography, film or runways.

Indeed, fashion unites colours, patterns, and materials, but for Marie Saint Pierre, the answer far exceeds the aesthetic concerns. Fashion is an art form because it questions and challenges the established order. Fashion serves the same cause as painting, sculpture, and poetry do when it gives rise to conversations and moves society forward. Fashion becomes art when it helps the wearers have their voices heard. The process matters just as much as the outcome.

The greatest artists were not mere creators of pretty things, they were agents of change. Such artists don’t make waves for the sheer pleasure of making a splash; they know deep down that bottom currents are are the most powerful.

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