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Fall-Winter 2015 Campaign

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The Fall 15 campaign continues the storytelling chapter of Marie Saint Pierre, and further declares its mission and manifesto for female empowerment.

The first chapter focused on portraying the nature of the Marie Saint Pierre woman: collected and dynamic, she exhibits both a human and a fearless attitude. With a cool exterior but strong fire within, the Marie Saint Pierre woman is defined by the Maison’s fine balance of controlled dynamism and precise discipline.

Symbolic, structural, active, strong and poetic - the fall and winter 2015 campaign highlights Maison Marie Saint Pierre's many layers and its artistic and intellectual approach to fashion. This time the woman becomes an explorer; an explorer of a physical territory as well as herself. The campaign is full of dynamic contradictions. It focuses on the Marie Saint Pierre woman’s internal and external journey.

Extreme mountaintops and perfectly symmetrical seascapes, earthy elements of nature and a sense of “air” and lightness are strong juxtapositions throughout. The Marie Saint Pierre woman is in the center of all of this, poised, elegant, curious. The story of the campaign starts as the Marie Saint Pierre woman travels with her parachute and lands onto unknown territories, driven by strength and curiosity she is ready to explore.



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