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The reference point is well known: the suit. It is noticed at first glance in the frame—a character actor, its role studied in minute detail and executed to perfectionOf a formal nature, it’s now athletic. It was believed to be unfalteringly official and is now discovered to be festive.

 It shows up in unexpected places. The suit leaves the office to go on a holiday. It renders itself flexible, light, essential. Rather than shying away from moments of leisure, it becomes synonymous with well-being.

Rigour and efficiency remain present in the background, but are portrayed in new proportions. Lines have been elongated, volumes exaggerated. Sharp gathers run down the arm as if to give it wings. This is a silhouette of bold success.  

What unlikely material has it been fashioned from? The measured equation of its allure and technical merits deftly blurs perceptions and stirs the senses. Like the familiar subject of a surrealistic painting, the Marie Saint Pierre suit is both an enigma and a revelation.