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It takes guts to reveal part of one’s self, and yet nothing is as powerful as the authentic expression of one’s personality. Softness can be akin to strength, as sensibility can demonstrate real confidence, and thoughtfulness can attest to great aplomb. Such is the idea behind Marie Saint Pierre’s 2016 fall collection, offering her vision of a multifaceted femininity.

It is time to break away from uniformity and redefine what is formal. To the traditional suit can be substituted dresses to match with an array of blouses and jackets whose angles and curves create unexpected silhouettes. It’s all in the details - a sleeve whose romantic allure relies on a few carefully curated folds, inverted seams giving structure to the simplest of garments, the draping of a skirt creating movement even in stillness… And what of the inconspicuous tweak in the tailoring of pants, effectively elongating the leg.

It is a collection made of subtleties and nuances, but also of stark contrasts. Marie Saint Pierre at times plays with degrees of opaqueness and transparency, and at times with fluidity and structure. Even monochromatic ensembles surprise with a contrasting lining or a clashing, almost luminous topstitch.

Yellow Panama tunic? Moss green sweater? Marie Saint Pierre dares with pleasantly shocking colors, on a scale somewhere between pastels and vivid tangy hues. These tones are joined by misty gray and midnight blue, as well as a granit-like chiné that is sure to become a key highlight of this collection.

Beyond what meets the eye, the experience is also one for the senses. While certain pieces prioritize impressive volumes, the collection remains of bewildering lightness and uncompromising comfort. In order to create exclusive materials, Marie Saint Pierre bonds a variety of fabrics together and thus continues to innovate. For the first time ever, she introduces a wool-based velvet neoprene. Merino blend knits also contribute to the overall impression de tenderness that emanates from this fall collection.