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Beyond Boundaries

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They come from the thirst for experimentation beyond constraints. The Maison Marie Saint Pierre Atelier collections aren’t confined by time, instead, they materialize swiftly based on inspiration. The beauty of the final product is as much contained in the result as it is in the process, almost in the performance. This is the perfect occasion to defy her own bearings and contemplate new and different paths.
This zeal is accompanied by the latitude to choose these high-end fabrics and by the time granted to fashion the clothes. The antipode of industrial production, this is the moment to praise the traditional know-hows of luxury and to observe the emergence of new ones. Meticulous handy work comes into play, delivering each unique piece in its draperies and finishes. No two items are the same. Cut and assembled by artisans with expert craftsmanship, the collection testifies to the rare talents that need to be protected. The clothes in all of their fragility and delicacy are made for the extraordinary; you will wear them maybe only once, but will forever cherish them.
For any occasions and desires, Maison Marie Saint Pierre is happy to provide made-to-measure services. Please contact e-boutique@mariesaintpierre.com for any enquires.