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Athletic spirit

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Volume 2: Timeless
Chapitre 4: Athletic Spirit


The aesthetic of performance, the technicality of formality. The line between sportswear and business attire is becoming far less clear. Dressing to keep pace with one’s ambitions is an effortless thrill. We take pleasure in rewriting the rules. 

The new codes command flexibility and agility. Freed from constraints, silhouettes are defined by movement. Their athletic aura inspires a desire to leap forward. Success no longer requires compromising on one’s well-being. 

 “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear”. We adopt this running adage for our everyday life. Comfort empowers—everything becomes possible. Dressed in an outfit designed to achieve our goals, we can reach them with one full stride.

Some call it a trend, somewhat of a passing fancy combining comfort and appearance. Can anyone really go back, after having experienced this new balance? Marie Saint Pierre knows the answer to that question, which is precisely why her designs are driven by a timeless athletic spirit.