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A Perfect Storm

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It is a freeze-frame of a storm on the verge of bursting. The painting, with an overexposed white and a saturated red, captures the tension that agitates the clouds. Depending on perspectives, we either see them from afar, or we get lost in them. At first, they look imposing and elusive, but they invite you to dive into the heart of the storm and to translate its power into a unique print.
Cut in a rumbling sky: a jacket, a dress, a sweater. The lines are pure, letting the motif express itself with force. It’s a panorama, a pixel or a collage. No need for accessories when the fabric speaks for itself. It recalls a trip, a flight over the clouds. It has the beauty and the lightness of the world, seen from above. We wrap ourselves with it to feel as if we’re floating.
All the elements are in place to create a perfect storm. The show can commence.


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