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Behind the scenes of a photo shoot

A photo shoot is first of all a lot of synchronization between all the teams of the House: sales department, production, samplers, creation, etc. Everyone plays a crucial role to make everything possible and to make sure that "the ball gets passed" in due form. Because developing a collection and making sure that the samples are ready in time, those who know, know, it is an athletic exercise to say the least! In parallel to the development of the collection, on the artistic side, there is also a lot of preparation to do beforehand. Starting with determining which photographer to work with; ideally a creative with a good eye, able to adapt to the image of the House. Then, you have to agree on the artistic direction of the session, i.e. the type of lighting, the desired ambiance, the location (studio or outdoor), the decor, the model's attitude, in short, the desired mood.


Speaking of models, it is also necessary to choose who will best embody this universe. It is often necessary to organize castings to discover new faces. This choice must be made in person because it’s essential to see how the collection fits the model before booking. Once you fit the right model you get a feeling that will let you know you have made the right choice.After that, it's time to decide on hair, makeup, styling and accessories (shoes, hats, etc.). It's important to constantly keep the door open for changes. Until the collection is completed in parallel, nothing is set in stone. These aspects move along with the collection, as time goes by. You have to be ready to adjust at any time.


To speed up the pace of the shoot day, which is often a hectic day, it is wise to prepare the looks to be photographed in advance to avoid creative blanks or inconsistencies. These looks must meet two intrinsic needs: creative and commercial. Even more than before, especially with the current situation, images play a dominant role in purchases; people no longer travel in person to the stores. We need, through images, to feel the material, to see the making, to understand the finishing details, etc. And above all, to feel an emotion!
On the big day, it is obviously not all the members of the different teams that contributed to the making of the whole that can attend this moment of accomplishment. Each person present plays a distinct role: the make-up artist makes sure that the make-up looks good, the photographer's assistant checks the technical aspects, the House team validates that the clothes are at their best, etc.
In short, as pleasant as it is, a photo shoot requires a lot of preparation for an optimal and satisfying result. By the way, if you ever find yourself in a studio for a photo shoot, remember to choose sneakers that day, your feet will thank you at the end of the day!