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Marie :
The second collection we would like to bring forward is the one I presented in Paris for fall '95
There’s a little anecdote here, I went to buy my fabrics in Paris at a manufacturer worthy of a Paris fashion show.
As I was new in the business, I was put at the bottom of the list and ended up never receiving my materials so I had to reinvent myself a week before the show as I had kept hope that my materials would arrive.
I did a lot of work in this collection to transform the raw replacement materials that were not as noble and personalized as what I had ordered. I also wanted to express what is inspiring for me, nature, the seasons, even snow and slush effects. All the dresses had been soaked in a homemade salt bath, and a snow effect was created using a spray can and a little hope.
It was a striking collection as it was very artistic and all handmade, but very difficult to reproduce in production. This collection inspired the deep pleats, and by dipping them in a slush concoction the material tends to fold up, which accentuated and accelerated the formation process which was then completed by pressing the details down. From there was born the Marie Saint Pierre pleats that are very iconic for the brand. I keep incredible memories of this collection; it allowed the brand to enter Parisian stores such as Victoire and Absinthe who saw the artisanal aspects of the collection and truly appreciated the overall atmosphere.